Assembly Passes Project Priorities


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The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly voted unanimously Thursday evening to approve its capital improvement projects priority list for fiscal years 2009 through 2013. Included on the list were six major capital improvement projects the Borough will submit to the Alaska Congressional delegation to the federal government.

Much of the discussion at the meeting centered around the Assembly’s top priority item on the list, the Kodiak – Near Island Research and Administration facility, for which the Borough is requesting just over 3-million dollars. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game would use the additional space, which comes at a total cost of about 14-million dollars, to conduct its ongoing research in science, management and enforcement, including Stellar sea lion stocks, crab stocks and ground fish.

Assembly member Sue Jeffrey said the funding request was justified given the importance of fisheries and marine research to Kodiak.

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Assemblyman Jerrol Friend, who sits on the Architectural Review Board, emphasized the potential versatility of the proposed facility.

(Capital Improvements 2 32 sec. "Sitting on the … multiple uses and easily changed.")

The state has already committed roughly 5-million dollars to the project, and an application for 6-point-5 million dollars from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council is pending. An additional investment of 3-point-1 million dollars would also be required.

Also included on the Assembly’s priority list were funding requests for the design, repair and construction of the Anton Larsen Dock in the amount of 1-million dollars, 800-thousand dollars for the Women’s Bay Emergency shelter, 5-million dollars for maintaining Kodiak’s roads, 10-million dollars to pave, and upgrade Rezanof Drive and 23-million dollars for construction of a new high school. The Borough’s total federal funding requests amounted to roughly 43-million dollars.


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