Contract Awarded for New Police Station


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The city of Kodiak has finally awarded the contract to build the new police station, and some work could begin as early as February. The city council, by a 6-to-nothing vote last night, approved a 15-point-3-million dollar construction contract with Roger Hickel Contracting of Anchorage. It also awarded at 1-point-3-million dollar contract to the engineering firm of USKH , which designed the building, to oversee the construction.

Kodiak Police Chief T-C Kamai (k’my) was all smiles after the council’s decision.

(New Jail 1 14 sec "I am pretty happy … to finally be here.")

He said he is also happy with the design and the location of the new station, which will be on Mill Bay Road, across from Cost Savers:

(New Jail 2 30 sec "Very pleased with the … to everything in the community.")

There is one major sticking point, however, and that’s the jail portion of the building. The new police station will have room for one, but it will not be finished, because the city council feels the state of Alaska should be picking up a larger share of the construction costs. The state allocated just 1-million dollars for a new Kodiak jail.

Kamai says he hopes the state legislature sees its way clear to fully fund the jail during the legislative session that begins on Tuesday.

(New Jail 3 31 sec "Well, it’s fairly significant … of the project complete.")

The current jail, which is on Mill Bay Road near the center of downtown, was a storage building, built over 50 years ago. Kamai wouldn’t say if he’d like to drive the bulldozer that eventually tears it down, but he doesn’t think the building has much future potential.

(New Jail 4 17 sec "You know, I know … there’s not much left.")

Kamai said he was eligible for retirement in October, and is happy to still be with the force now that construction is about to start, and he hopes to be around when the new police station opens in the fall of 2010.


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