Industry Day Brings USCG, Waterfront Users Together


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The Coast Guard will hold its Industry Day conferenceThursday in Kodiak. Personnel from the Coast Guard Sector Anchorage and Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak will give presentations and answer questions on topics of concern to the maritime industry. Presentation material will be focused on commercial waterfront facilities and commercial marine operator issues. Specific discussion at the event will center around the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, or TWIC program, facility security and area maritime security.

Lieutenant Jason Boyle, supervisor of Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak, said that while the day is tailored for members of the maritime community, it is open to the public, and he invites anyone with an interest in maritime issues to attend.

(CG Industry Day 1 42 sec. "Kodiak Industry Day is … that the Coast Guard’s doing.")

Boyle said promoting better communication between the Coast Guard and the port of Kodiak is a major aim of the day.

(CG Industry Day 2 35 sec. "The goal of this program … has been done in the past.")

Discussion of the TWIC program, which goes into effect in February, will be a major focus of Industry Day presentations, Boyle said. The Department of Homeland Security program’s goal is to ensure that anyone who has unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities and vessels has had a thorough background check and is not a security threat.

(CG Industry Day 3 6 sec. "It’s a biometric card … access to certain facilities.")

Boyle said making the port of Kodiak safer and more secure is the ultimate goal of the event.

(CG Industry Day 4 12 sec. "I think it’s a great opportunity … and a more secure place.")

The Coast Guard’s Industry day events will take place Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Fisherman’s Hall in Kodiak. Mark Hamilton, the Coast Guard’s Captain of the Port of Western Alaska will be on hand to answer questions. More detailed information on the event is available from Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak.


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