Kodiak Residents in D.C. Ready for Inauguration


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The inauguration of Barack Obama as president is less than 24 hours away, and a handful of Kodiak residents are in Washington D.C. for the event.

Bob Brodie is there, along with his daughter Clair and his niece Tessa Heiberg. Brodie called KMXT this (Monday) morning from the line in front of the National Archives, where they were waiting to see the Declaration of Independence. Despite being the head of the Kodiak Republicans, he’s thrilled to be present to witness Obama’s swearing in.

The inauguration will take place Tuesday at noon Eastern Time, which is 8 a.m. here in Kodiak. KMXT will provide live coverage from National Public Radio of the inauguration and the events before and afterwards, starting at 5 a.m.

(Inauguration 1 29 sec "Well, he’s the president … and wars and things.")

Clair, a Kodiak High School senior, echoes the sentiment that the country needs to come together behind Obama:

(Inauguration 2 28 sec "I think politics in general … gets more hectic.")

Bob said they went to the Capital Building, and in one spot he saw more people than are in Kodiak. Clair described the scene this way:

(Inauguration 3 19 sec "Oh gosh, it’s crazy … I don’t know; it’s crazy.")

Tessa, a sixth-grader at Kodiak Middle School, is new to politics, but sounds pretty happy to be witnessing history:

(Inauguration 4 22 sec "I’m very excited to hear … kinda voting for Obama.")

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