Kodiak Residents Witness History



Bob and Clair Brodie right after the inauguration of President Barack Obama today in Washington D.C. (Photo by Kelsey Deihl) Click "Read More" below to see more pictures.

Jay Barrett/KMXT

Several Kodiak residents are in Washington D.C. for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. KMXT’s Jay Barrett spoke with Katie Oliver, Bob Brodie and Tessa Heiberg.


(Left) President Barack Obama giving his inaugural address after being sworn in as America’s 44th President. (Below) The crowd of over 1-million people as seen from near the stage. (Photos by Clair Brodie)

Katie Oliver phoned KMXT this morning from a sushi restaurant not long after the swearing-in ceremonies:

(DC 1 35 sec "It was amazing … very excited to get started.")

She said she rose at 4 a.m. Eastern time – which is midnight here – to take the train into the Nation’s Capital. Then, she had to make her way through the crowd, estimated at over one million, but, she said the hassle was well worth it:

(DC 2 27 sec "Being Alaskans sometimes … work for it makes it better.")

Oliver had tickets in advance, and so was within sight of the podium:

(DC 3 53 sec "We were probably 200 … but it was a lot of fun.")

Tessa Heiberg, a sixth-grader at Kodiak Middle School, who traveled to DC with her uncle, Bob Brodie and his daughter Clair, was also about 200 yards from the podium:

(DC 4 13 sec "It was fantastic … a blur, there were so many people.")

Tessa is about the same age as the Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia.

(DC 5 7 sec "If it was me … yeah, that’d be crazy.")

Brodie said that seated next to him was Al Franken, who is ahead in his recount against Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race. He said Franken told him that since he hasn’t been sworn in yet, he had been seated in the crowd.

(DC 6 20 sec "There were some humorous … his helicopter and left. (laughter)")

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th American President at noon Eastern Time. There are several inauguration parties planned in Kodiak tonight, and over the weekend.


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