City Steps Up Parking Enforcement


Erik Wander/KMXT

Parking enforcement in Kodiak recently received a boost, when the city filled the previously vacant position of community service officer, a job that includes, among other responsibilities, enforcing parking regulations.

KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

City manager Linda Freed said the job of community service officer was vacant for about four or five months after the prior officer resigned and moved off-island. Freed said the city recently received a letter from people who work on the mall requesting a review of parking times. She said there is an ongoing debate about parking spaces and how long they should be designated for.

(Freed 1 33 sec. "There’s often a disagreement … their store or their office.")

Kodiak City Police Chief T.C. Kamai said the city has seen a marked increase in parking enforcement activity, particularly in the downtown area, and particularly with regard to parking times, since the position of community service officer was re-filled in January.

(Kamai 1 50 sec. "We’ve seen definitely more … activity in that regard.")

Freed described the job of community service officer as having a wide scope, in addition to parking enforcement. She said the job is not a certified police officer position, but that the community service officer performs several duties of particular importance to the city.

(Freed 2 45 sec. "One of the main things they … the city Police Department.")

The job of community service officer is a non-commissioned, non-sworn police position. Chief Kamai expects continued rigorous parking enforcement to continue downtown. I’m Erik Wander.


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