Redoubt Unlikely to Affect Kodiak, but be Prepared Anyway


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While seismic activity at Mount Redoubt continues at an elevated level, the volcano has yet to erupt. Redoubt’s alert level remains at watch status according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, but scientists there say a potential eruption isn’t likely to have a significant impact on Kodiak beyond the effect it would have on transportation. Still, local city and fire officials say Kodiak residents should take precautions.

City Manager Linda Freed said people should refer to the Kodiak Area Emergency Preparedness Guidebook, which is available on the City’s Web site, for tips on how to prepare for a potential Redoubt eruption and ash fall in Kodiak.

(Redoubt 1 14 sec. "If you look in that guide … that might happen.")

Freed said the largest potential impact of an eruption would likely be on transportation, both air and ferry travel, and getting necessary supplies in and out of Kodiak.

(Redoubt 2 24 sec. "I think the biggest … that we’ve got the supplies.")

Kodiak City Fire Chief Rome Kamai echoed Freed’s sentiments that people should refer to the guidebook, which is also available at the fire station, but added that there are certain precautions people should consider taking, especially for those with respiratory illnesses.

(Redoubt 3 70 sec. "Maybe head to a store … time that you’re outside.")

Chris Waythomas (WAY-thomas) of the U.S. Geological Survey and a geologist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory said the likelihood of significant ash fall in Kodiak is low, depending on the direction of the winds. He also said air travel is the most likely area to be affected if an eruption occurs.

(Redoubt 4 37 sec. "The chances of Kodiak getting … as a result of ash clouds.")

Waythomas said Redoubt could erupt within hours, days or weeks, or not at all, and that volcanic eruptions are difficult to predict. Redoubt last erupted in 1989, and the Alaska Volcano Observatory sees an eruption of similar magnitude as the most likely scenario. If an eruption is expected within hours, or is underway, AVO would change Redoubt’s alert level from watch to warning. Updates are available on AVO’s Web site.


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