Safeway Club Card Renewal Required


Jay Barrett/KMXT

A renewal deadline is coming up this weekend, and if you miss it, you will no longer receive Alaska Airline Miles with your purchases at Safeway.

Jay Barrett has more:

Living in Alaska, most residents do whatever they can to build up as many Alaska Airline Miles as they can, to take the edge off high-priced airplane tickets. One way is the 125 miles Safeway awards its customers for every 250-dollars they spend – if they use the Carrs-Safeway Club Card. But if you don’t act quickly, you may find that avenue to airline miles has dried up. For some reason, the change has not been publicized very widely.

You have until Saturday to update your Safeway Club Card, either online or at the store, according to Kodiak Safeway Manager Mike Murray:

(Murray deadline 18 sec "Now while the … complete this process.")

Murray says the store is hoping to update everyone’s Club Card accounts:

(Murray Updates 28 sec "The company’s had a need … that’s already existing.")

And even though there’s not a lot of publicity from the store, it’s not a secret, and some managers at Carrs and Safeway stores have had their clerks informing customers during check-out that their miles may soon stop accumulating:

(Murray encouraging 19 sec "Of course we have … you might as well get it.")

Some Carrs-Safeway customers have received e-mails telling them that the company has taken care of the renewal for them. It’s unclear why more haven’t, or why it’s not an automatic renewal. Calls to Safeway’s public relations department in the Seattle area have gone unanswered.

You can find the renewal form on the Safeway dot com website, but in keeping with the low-key approach Safeway is taking with the program, it’s not an obvious link. It’s located at the bottom of the page as "Airline Renewal" under "Services."

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