Salvage Complicated for Icy Mist


Anne Hillman/KUCB

The Coast Guard is working with Magone Marine and the state’s Department of Conservation on a salvage plan for the Icy Mist, the Kodiak fishing vessel that grounded on Akutan Island Wednesday morning.

According to the crew of the vessel, approximately 2,700 gallons of diesel, 150 gallons of lube oil and 200 gallons of hydraulic oil are on board. Coast Guard Petty Officer Sara Francis in Anchorage says the ship is still upright on the beach and the fuel tanks in the stern are fairly protected.

(Salvage – 1 18 sec "…protracted."

The current weather conditions, the location of the ship near a bluff, and the distance from Unalaska prevent the Coast Guard and Magone Marine from using small boats to remove the fuel from the vessel. Instead they will use helicopters and barrels.

(Salvage – 2 12 sec "…to the vessel.")

They will use a commercial helicopter that will arrive from King Salmon in the next day or two. The next good weather window will probably be this weekend. The Coast Guard is also looking into what to do with the 60-thousand pounds of cod that are onboard the vessel.

(Salvage – 3 12 s "…deal with the fish.")

The 58-foot fishing vessel is home-ported in Kodiak. All four crew members were successfully rescued after three attempts and were transported to Unalaska for interviews with the Coast Guard. They will all be tested for drugs and alcohol as well, to see if they were factors in the incident.


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