KEA Running on Diesel After Terror Lake Shutdown


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Kodiak was plunged into absolute darkness in the wee hours this morning when Kodiak Electric Association’s Terror Lake hydro plant suddenly went off-line. The outage occurred at 12:30 a.m. and lasted until 2 for most customers. KEA President Darron Scott said folks from the Coast Guard base and beyond did not get power back until 6 this morning, after a breaker blew in that area and more repairs were needed.

(KEA 1 32 sec "The system went down … the lights back on.")

He said restoration of power was delayed because the diesel generators, which tried to supply the entire electrical demand and couldn’t, tripped off:

(KEA 2 38 sec "When the units … we had to get back together.")

Scott said this morning that repair crews bound for Terror Lake were being delayed by the weather, but as soon as the pilots say it’s safe to fly, they’ll head up. Until then, all of Kodiak’s power is being supplied by the more expensive diesel generators.


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