Nation’s Top Fisher Poets Out Loud in Kodiak


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The second annual Kodiak Out Loud Fisher Poets event is on Saturday. Organizer Toby Sullivan was on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock this week, and said that like last year, this event is more polished than the old Crab Fest open-mic poetry readings in the bars.

Kodiak Out Loud 2009 will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium.

(Out Loud 1 25 sec "Well, I think … like the library association.")

Kodiak Out Loud is being held in conjunction with the Alaska Library Association convention being held here this weekend.

Sullivan, a published writer himself, is the executive director of the Kodiak Maritime History Museum, which is sponsoring Kodiak Out Loud.

Moe Bowstern is one of the featured poets again this year, and is fresh off an appearance at the fisher poets event last month in Astoria, Oregon. She said she appreciates performing in a town like Kodiak, where the audience can relate to her work better than in communities elsewhere.

(Out Loud 2 39 sec "It’s really fun and really … so many fishing families.")

Bowstern said since her work is inspired by her own years on fishing boats, it is easily accessible to others – even if they don’t know it at first:

(Out Loud 3 25 sec "I think the stuff … what we do is literature.")

There will be six poets at this year’s event:

(Out Loud 4 1:11 "John Broderick, who is … bigger boats lead to, you know.")

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