Rasmussen Replat Approved by Assembly


Erik Wander/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly voted to allow a local landowner to subdivide two lots of his property into three. The assembly then voted to postpone the adoption of the Findings of Fact, which explains why they were in support of the borough’s Community Development director’s decision, to the next regular meeting.

Community Development Director Bud Cassidy explained his justification for why he approved the abbreviated plat submitted by landowner Kirk Rasmussen to re-subdivide his two lots at Miller Point Alaska Subdivision located on Cliffside road. Cassidy referred to the borough’s planning and zoning code.

(Subdivision 1 51 sec. "The subdivision process follows … 7,200 square feet.")

Mike Sirofchuck is one of 16 people to submit appeals to the Borough Clerk’s office opposing the subdivision. He is the adjacent property owner and, speaking at the meeting, said he and his family are affected most by the proposal. Sirofchuck said preserving the character of the neighborhood is paramount.

(Subdivision 2 53 sec. "The only other … subdivision is not a good thing.")

Rasmussen said that in filing his initial request for approval of the subdivision, he followed the borough’s planning and zoning code and had no intention of damaging the character of the 15-property neighborhood.

(Subdivision 29 sec. "I followed all the Kodiak … there are many small lots.")

While assembly members agreed that property owners should be able to utilize their land to the best of its capacity, they also agreed that the decision should be based on current planning and zoning code. The assembly voted 6-to-1 to allow Rasmussen to subdivide his property but also voted 6-to-1 to postpone a decision on adoption of the Findings of Fact until its next regular meeting, which will be held March 19th. Assemblywoman Judy Fulp was the only dissenting vote.


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