Rocketeers Claim $17M/Year Economic Benefit to Kodiak


Erik Wander/KMXT

Officials from the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation, the company that operates the Kodiak Launch Complex, provided an update on its economic benefits to the state and specifically to Kodiak at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon Monday. They also discussed plans to expand the facility and the potential to become a rapid launch-capable site.

KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

According to AADC, the "positive economic benefit" it provides to the state is about 28-million dollars and the impact on Kodiak is some 17-million dollars. The company estimates that it positively benefits the local community in the areas of utilities consumption, construction and maintenance, retail, transportation professional services and telecommunications. Dale Nash is the CEO of AADC. He emphasized purchasing goods and services locally.

(Nash 1 43 sec. "It’s a fairly significant impact … electricity, all of that.")

Some members of the community however question exactly where that economic benefit is being seen. Mike Sirofchuck is one example. He said that the fact that AADC provides all the data raises questions about the numbers.

(Sirofchuck 1 43 sec. "All the data was supplied by … where that money went.")

Expansion plans for KLC, which will come at a cost of 42-million dollars in state and federal funding and will put a second launch pad in the facility, are underway. Nash explained the need for the expanded facility.

(Nash 2 50 sec. "We struggled with injuries … gotten better over the weeks.")

Nash said expanding the facility would pave the way for the launch complex to become a rapid launch facility. Currently it takes about six months to prepare for a launch for AADC’s only current costumer, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

(Nash 3 27 sec. "We’ve had people very high … the payloads, everything else.")

According to AADC’s data, in fiscal year 2008, AADC’s its expenditures for goods and services, including subcontractor services and the road construction project, providing greater access to KLC, generated roughly 13.6-million dollars in direct payments to businesses in Kodiak. Nash expects the expansion project to similarly benefit local businesses.


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