Tax-Free Day Deemed Successful


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The first annual tax free day in Kodiak took place on Saturday, and many local merchants and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce are calling it a success, with both proprietors and shoppers benefitting greatly.

KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

Jack Maker, co-owner of the Treasury and the Treasury Home stores downtown, said he saw marked increase in business at both stores, partly because of tax free day, in part because of the number of visitors in town for the basketball tournament and also because the weather cooperated as well. He said he did twice the business he did last year in the first week of March in a single day.

(Maker 1 46 sec. "It was full most of the day … business owner, I’m pleased.")

From the perspective of his role as city councilman, Maker also said he considers this year’s tax free day a success for both businesses and shoppers. He said it was an opportunity to thank residents for their contribution to the local economy and award local businesses by providing increased traffic.

(Maker 2 24 sec. "I think the big thing was … what happens with it next year.")

Erik Berggren is the manager of the gun department at Mack’s Sport Shop. He said business increased significantly on Saturday, specifically on big ticket and more expensive items, which many people waited until Saturday to purchase.

(Berggren 1 40 sec. "We had in-store sales … looking forward to it next year.")

Trevor Brown, Economic Development specialist at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, said he’s received a number of calls from local merchants saying that tax free day was a big success for them and that the day was a chance for people to reward themselves in difficult economic times.

(Brown 1 45 sec. "Just from being out … stopping in their stores too.")

In January, the Kodiak City Council voted to make tax free day an annual event that will occur on the first Saturday of March each year.

I’m Erik Wander.


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