Kodiak Girl Scouts Visit World Scouting Center



The 15 members of Kodiak Girl Scout Troop 242, and their leaders, at the world Scouting Center in Mexico. Photo courtesy Troop 242

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The 15 members of a Kodiak Girl Scout Troop recently went to a Girl Scout World Center in Mexico City. Troop 242 was led by Deb Houlden-Engvall. She and a few of the scouts recently came by KMXT to talk about the trip.

To get the obvious question about visiting Mexico out of the way first, troop leader Deb Houlden-Engvall said in an e-mail yesterday that everyone is fine and nobody has any flu symptoms. The Girl Scout World Center in Mexico City is what the scouts call their "cabana." It’s one of four around the world. Danielle Lewis and Katherine Lay, both 8th-graders, said they felt safe south of the border, despite reports of increased drug violence in Mexico

(Scouts 1 32 sec "We weren’t really in … pretty protected there.")

The Scouts met other girls from around the world at the camp, and their days were filled with activities. They all agreed that swimming with dolphins on a day trip to Acapulco was their most memorable experience, according to Danielle, and 9th-grader Shirley Morrin.

(Scouts 2 32 sec "That was so much fun … the dolphin was pushing us.")

They also saw the famous Acapulco cliff divers while there. Back at the Cabana, Katherine and Shirley said they spent a memorable day working and playing with local orphans.

(Scouts 3 46 sec "One time the orphans … play and be kids.")

Danielle said the girls also visited pyramids, starting with a smaller one not far from their camp.

(Scouts 4 39 sec "And then the next day … of people on them.")

Ninth-grader Anna (ah-naw) Engval was called upon by her troop-mates to do a lot of translating:

(Scouts 5 22 sec "I’m taking Spanish … all the Spanish and everything.")

Houlden-Engvall said the scouts had to raise about 2,000-dollars each through car washes, yard sales, bake sales and other activities to be able to go to the camp.

(Scouts 6 49 sec "We recycled a lot of … awesome group of girls.")

The next Girl Scout World Center they’d like to visit is even further away, and even more populous – it’s 120 miles outside Mubai, India.

I’m Jay Barrett.


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