Stevens Goes Online for Your Opinion

Jay Barrett/KMXT

State Senate President Gary Stevens of Kodiak is taking to the Internet to ask his constituents for their ideas on what he and his colleagues in the Legislature should be focused on for the rest of this session, and the rest of this year.

The online survey is only 13-questions long, and should only take a couple minutes complete. He said in a written statement that he wants to get a sense of what’s on people’s minds right now concerning some of the key issues facing the state. You can find the poll here.

Naturally, there are questions about energy: One asking if the state should "re-visit" the 500-million-dollar subsidy Governor Sarah Palin promised Trans-Canada to offset the cost of a natural gas pipeline. He also asks questions to rank highest or lowest energy development priorities. The choices there are oil, natural gas, hydro, wind, solar, tidal, geothermal and biomass. His first question is whether the state should regulate consumer gasoline prices.

As far as resources go, he asks about support of the Pebble Mine, and follows that up with gauging whether the state is receiving its fair share from resource extraction.

He also raises the specter of instituting or raising taxes, asking if the state needs to generate more money whether it should start a statewide sales or income tax, increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco, or tap the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Stevens also asks if his constituents think 90-days is enough for the legislature to get its work done, as was mandated by a voter initiative, or if the sessions should be extended back to 120-days.

Unlike other online polls, there’s no bar graph at the end showing the running total of the results. Stevens also requires poll-takers to enter their name, e-mail and zip code. There’s a link to the pool on Stevens’ official senate web page.


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