Kniaziowski Flying Solo Now at City Hall


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The City of Kodiak officially has a new city manager. After a nearly a week of working with outgoing city manager Linda Freed, Aimee Kniaziowski (kenya-zz’off-ski) is now flying solo, and knows she has big shoes to fill.

Kniaziowski officially took over as city manager on May 1st after four days of working with Freed and learning as much as she could about the job and the immediate and long-term challenges she will face in her new role. She said she’s grateful to Freed for spending so much time bringing her up to speed during her last four days on the job.

(Kniaziowski 1 31 sec. "We spent that time … we spent working together.")

Aside from her immediate focus on digesting the budget and ensuring she provides a thorough presentation and overview to the City Council, Kniaziowski said she faces other challenges in the early going. She described her initial days on the job as a process of gaining familiarity with the major issues faced by the city.

(Kniaziowski 2 48 sec. "We will be preparing … the city and the borough.")

Kniaziowski realizes that she has big shoes to fill in taking over for Freed. She said she has a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Freed, calling her a "remarkable woman." She also said she hopes to leave her own legacy.

(Kniaziowski 3 47 sec. "One thing I’ve really- … all the help she’s given me.")

Freed took over as Kodiak’s city manager in October of 2000 after a 16-year stint as borough community development director. Freed officially retired April 30th, a nearly nine-year term in the post. Kniaziowski brings experience as Unalaska’s assistant city manager to the job.

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