Lack of Gravel Lease Progress Frustrates Martin


Erik Wander/KMXT

Members of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly were taken by surprise at Thursday evening’s regular meeting, when the president of Brechan Enterprises stepped to the microphone during the citizen’s comments portion of the meeting to express his concerns over a long-term lease with the borough to provide gravel extraction services.

Michael Martin said he was upset and frustrated not to have a contract in place beyond June 30th, when the current contract expires, as the company moves into a busy construction season.

Martin made an emotional appeal to the assembly, calling it one of few opportunities to speak with the assembly all at once.

(Lease 1 36 sec. "Brechan Enerprises, when it … sitting here without a lease.")

Martin said the lack of a long-term lease forces him to compete with much larger, non-local companies with infinitely greater resources.

(Lease 2 38 sec. "I’m in the middle of … don’t even have a short-term lease.")

Assemblywoman Pat Branson said she was taken by surprise, understanding that the process had already been set in motion to approve the long-term lease. She said the assembly hadn’t been updated on the matter, which was first discussed last year. Borough manager Rick Gifford provided an update.

(Lease 3 40 sec. "We’ve been working really … difficult, time consuming.")

Gifford said he hoped to have the details of the lease worked out within the next week or two. Assemblywoman Louise Stutes stressed the importance of making that happen, given the time constraints.

(Lease 4 11 sec. "I would think that … on behalf of the borough.")

Branson expressed concern about the timeframe for finalizing, discussing and approving a lease before the June 30th expiration date.

(Lease 5 11 sec. "Well, I appreciate the … concerned about the timeframe.")

Assemblyman Dave Kaplan proposed an extension of the current lease while details of a long-term solution are being hammered out, something Gifford said was possible, but Martin said was not preferable. Stutes and Assemblyman Jerrol Friend proposed holding a special meeting to resolve the matter.


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