NOAA Offers Oral History Handbook



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a new online project that is designed to help people in coastal communities preserve the culture of commercial fishing through oral histories. The online handbook came about after a successful pilot project in rural Maine, according to Susan Abbott-Jamieson, a NOAA social scientist and one of three authors of "Voices from the Fisheries Handbook."

(NOAA History 1 25 sec "It became clear … something like this.")

The online handbook is downloadable as a PDF document and walks the potential archivist through the process step by step:

(NOAA History 2 48 sec "It starts from the … could you use.")

Once the oral histories are recorded, either in audio or video formats, or even transcribed, Abbott-Jamieson urges the creator to consider uploading them to the NOAA database for preservation and for the world to see and hear:

(NOAA History 3 42 sec "We want to encourage … access to the web.")

Currently, there are only two oral histories from Alaska on the NOAA database. One is from Mo Bowstern and Johanna Reichold, who fish out of Kodiak and Cordova respectively, talking about being women in a male-dominated industry.

You can find the "Voices from the Fisheries Handbook," online at voices dot noaa dot gov.


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