Borough Administration Adding Enforcement Officer to Staff


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The Kodiak Island Borough will be adding one staff member within the next couple of months. When the borough assembly passed its fiscal year 2010 budget Thursday, a new borough position was created, that of code enforcement officer.

The borough is still working out the finer details of the job description for the new, full-time code enforcement officer, who will work for the Community Development Department. Borough manager Rick Gifford said the borough looked at several communities that have similar positions for guidance on formulating that description. He said they settled on the Mat-Su Borough’s code enforcement officer position as the basis for its own.

(Gifford 1 30 sec. "He’ll be enforcing the … available for the public to use.")

Gifford emphasized education as an important part of the enforcement officer’s job. He said making the public aware of what they should be doing in order to be in compliance with the code will be a key responsibility.

(Gifford 2 32 sec. "He’ll be responsible I think … if they know what the law is.")

In order to fund the roughly one hundred-thousand dollars in salary and benefits budgeted for the new position without over-inflating the Community Development Department’s budget, the borough distributed the amount among various funds, including the land sale, tourism and development and solid waste enterprise funds. Gifford said the percentages in each area are based on the estimated percentage of time the officer is expected to spend enforcing different sections of borough code. He said those percentages may fluctuate over time and that the borough will make adjustments in future budgets accordingly.

(Gifford 3 45 sec. "Fifty percent of his time … and that type of thing.")

Gifford said the borough is still a couple of months away from bringing someone on board to fill the position. After the job description is finalized, the borough will take it to the personnel advisory board for approval and then the position will be advertised for five days in-house followed by at least 10 days outside if necessary.

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