Journal Recounts ‘High Pressure’ Used at NPFMC Meetings


Jay Barrett/KMXT

In the current issue of the Alaska Journal of Commerce, reporter Margie Bauman has a trio of stories on how Crab Rationalization came to be. One story is about what she described as the "high pressure tactics" used at a June 2002 North Pacific Council meeting in Unalaska where processor shares were floated. KMXT’s Jay Barrett spoke with Bauman about that meeting, and the meeting wrapping up in Anchorage.

Bauman says it’s important for Alaskans – even those who are not involved in the fishery – to be informed about the activities of the North Pacific Council. She says even though it has been privatized, the crab fishery is still a public resource. You can read Bauman’s articles online at the Alaska Journal of Commerce online, and you can hear more of the conversation on this week’s Alaska Fisheries Report.

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