New Pulmonary Testing Equipment Soon Coming to PKIMC


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Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center will soon be able to offer its patients enhanced diagnostic testing for heart and lung disease, thanks to new pulmonary testing equipment the hospital’s respiratory department is set to receive. KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center recently acquired a full pulmonary function system. The state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment will dramatically enhance the on-island services the hospital’s respiratory department provides. The new equipment is currently on its way to Kodiak, and roll-out is anticipated by the end of the month. Scott Ferguson is the Respiratory Therapy Manager at PKIMC.

(Ferguson 1 26 sec. "That’ll allow our doctors … American Heart Association.")

Ferguson said the new equipment will offer patients painless, non-invasive lung testing. He described some of its capabilities, providing services previously unavailable in Kodiak.

(Ferguson 2 44 sec. "Forms of lung testing … more for our providers.")

Ferguson said the equipment can measure total volume of air in a patient’s lungs as well as air flow or lack thereof, important indicators in properly diagnosing lung disease. Another test the hospital hasn’t been able to offer until now is what is called diffusion capacity.

(Ferguson 3 26 sec. "The patient’s ability to … lung tests for our doctors.")

Ferguson, who moved to Kodiak seven months ago from New England to work in the respiratory department and manage the hospital’s new sleep lab, said he was somewhat surprised by the prevalence of respiratory problems in Kodiak, given its clean air. But he said certain environmental and occupational factors can play a role.

(Ferguson 4 45 sec. "The fishing industry … checking our local fire department.")

Prior to acquiring the new equipment, the hospital had to send patients needing more advanced lung testing off-island. Ferguson said the new equipment should be operational by the end of the month. After a preliminary testing period, he said it should be ready to test patients within the first two weeks of July. PKIMC is planning an open house to showcase the new equipment, but it has yet to announce the date and time.

I’m Erik Wander.


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