Yes Virginia, There is a Free Lunch


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For drivers wondering why some of Kodiak’s yellow school lights continue to flash even though school is out for summer, it turns out there is a good reason. It also turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch, at least for children in Kodiak.

The flashing yellow lights on Mill Bay by the ballfield, on Rezanof by Kodiak Middle School and on Powell at Main Elementary School will remain on because of three activities for children taking place throughout most of the summer at Main. Among those programs is the Kodiak Island Borough School District’s free lunch program. Sandy Daws is the purchasing supervisor for the school district. She said free lunch is served weekdays at the school and at some village schools through August 14th.

(Daws 1 27 sec. "The program is open to … their kids in their community.")

Daws said the program, which began June 1st, started out slowly but is gradually picking up steam. She also said parents can join their children for lunch for a small fee.

(Daws 2 24 sec. "We have grown every single week … cents for a meal.")

Daws said that meal is essentially the type of lunch students would expect to get at their school cafeteria during the school year.

(Daws 3 20 sec. "It’s a school lunch … everybody comes and enjoys it.")

Other programs being offered weekday mornings at the school include the state mandated Extended School Year program for qualifying special needs students and the Kodiak Alaska Community Learning Activities Center, or KACLAC, program. Marilyn Davidson, the school district’s Director of Instruction, said the KACLAC program has been funded by a grant from the Alaska Department of Education for the last five years.

(Davidson 4 39 sec. "This is a program that … have participated in this program.")

Daws said she hopes to be able to extend the free lunch program, which is funded by the State Department of Education and Early Development, to the rest of Kodiak Island’s village schools next year. All children 18 and under are welcome and do not have to be KIBSD students or even residents of Kodiak to partake. The KACLAC program ends this week, but the Extended School Year program will continue. Free lunch is served at Main Elementary Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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