Kodiak Republican Party Head as Surprised as Anyone Over Palin Quitting


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When Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced her intention to step down last week, people in Alaska and across the country reacted with disbelief. Kodiak’s Republican Party chairman was no different, but he did have the opportunity to gain a perspective on how non-Alaskans felt about Palin and her surprise decision.

Travelling outside the state at the time of the governor’s Friday announcement, Bob Brodie, district chairman for the Republican Party in Kodiak, learned of the news online. Brodie said that like many others, his initial reaction was surprise. Having just returned to Kodiak yesterday morning, he said he was still catching up on state and local news reports in the wake of the announcement. He said he couldn’t speculate on the reasons behind Palin’s decision.

(Brodie 1 27 sec. "I haven’t talked to anybody … some good reasons for it.")

Brodie said being in the Lower 48 at the time of Palin’s announcement gave him the chance to learn how people outside of Alaska felt about Palin and her early departure from office. He said many people in Oregon and California, where he was travelling, asked him about the governor.

(Brodie 2 34 sec. "Do you know Governor … because she’s not qualified.")

Brodie believes there is a large contingent of people both in Alaska and the rest of the country that supports Palin wholeheartedly and would welcome a potential future run for office on her part.

(Brodie 3 21 sec. "Maybe they related to her … to run for higher office.")

Brodie said he’s met Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on several occasions, most recently as part of the Electoral College process in Juneau. Brodie said he’s confident in Parnell’s ability to govern the state until the next gubernatorial election in 2010.

(Brodie 4 28 sec. "He seems like a competent … going to be the governor.")

Brodie said he believes support or lack thereof for Palin, who has become a national figure since her run for Vice President, differs in Alaska and the rest of the country.

(Brodie 5 30 sec. "I don’t think it’s quite … be able to weather that storm.")

Brodie said he wishes Palin luck in her future endeavors and said Parnell should, in his words, "tide things over" until the next election. He also said he looks forward to seeing who will run in 2010 and hopes candidates are prepared for what he called the "sniping" that will come with the job.

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