Kodiak Salmon Update

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The pink salmon harvest in Kodiak Island waters has overtaken the sockeye catch. The daily harvest of pinks has been double to triple the red catch for the past week.

Through last Saturday the cumulative sockeye harvest stood at nearly 783-thousand, while the catch of humpies was almost 654-thousand. But by Tuesday, the pink harvest was over 906-thousand, some 13-thousand more than the red total of 893-thousand. That was sparked by a haul of 155-thousand pinks on Tuesday alone.

The daily catch of sockeye has been fluctuating between 23-thousand and 56-thousand this week, while the daily pink catch has been at least 53-thousand.

The Karluk, Northwest Kodiak and Southwest Afognak districts have been leading the way in catch of both species, with a total harvest through Wednesday of 329-thousand pinks and 272-thousand reds. For reds, the Olga, Moser and Alitak Bay section, along with the Cape Alitak and Humpy-Deadman, and Cape Igvak (ig-vak) and Wide Bays, have been the top performers.

For pinks, the Cape Igvak and Wide Bay district and the Duck, Izhut (izz-you-it) and Kitoi (kit-oy) bays have seen strong catches as well.

Meanwhile, chum salmon catches have been between 9-thousand and 31-thousand the past week, with a season total of 243-thousand harvested so far. There have been 25-thousand silvers caught to date, along with about 58-hundred kings.

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