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Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s major fund raiser. It’s an activity put on by communities around the nation, including Kodiak. For 24 hours starting the evening of July 24 local teams of up to 15 people will take to the track at Baranov Park in order to help raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer.

KMXT’s Diana Gish found out about one team that’s brewed up an unusual approach to raising money for the cause.

In the sports world, teams choose names likely to inspire dread in their opponents.

Pam Foreman’s team is not one of those.

(pam foreman 1 :O4 "…called puff pastries." )

It may be a good thing that the Relay for Life is not a sports competition.

(pam foreman 2 :09 "…Mill Bay Coffee every Saturday.")

The Puff Pastries are just one of many teams in Kodiak who will take to the track at Baranov Park in late July to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Every team is free to come up with its own strategy for bringing in the dollars; signing up sponsors, holding rummage or bake sales, whatever method they choose. For the Puff Pastries, it was their weekly gatherings for coffee that inspired a plan with a unique local flavor. Foreman had heard of a group in the Lower 48 who raised money through sales of a special coffee roast.

(pam foreman 3 :59 "…we really appreciate that.")

Team Puff Pastries and the folks at Mill Bay Coffee walked together through each step of the coffee selection process. They attended tastings and learned about coffee beans and roasting along the way.

(pam foreman 4 :27 "…it looks pretty cool.")

Around 30 bags of the special roast have been sold so far.

In addition to buying Kodiak Trails coffee, there are a number of other ways to contribute to Relay For Life. Foreman describes one event called the "Quarter Mile." All Kodiak team members are soliciting quarters which will be stretched side by side around the length of the quarter-mile track.

(pam foreman 5 :20 " the American Cancer Society.")

Kodiak’s Relay for Life is a 24 hour event that takes place at the Baranov park track beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, July 24th.

(pam foreman 4 :27 "…absolutely, absolutely".)

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