Rain a Relief to City Watering Crews


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Everybody loves sunshine, but there’s a downside to a warm summer, and that’s the dryness. We told you earlier this week about how the lack of rain has affected the water levels at the Terror Lake Hydro plant, but it’s also affecting the decorative greenery about town, with some lawns actually turning brown from the drought.

But city fields don’t have to worry, because they’ve got the parks and recreation crew to help out.

Ian Fulp is the department director:

(Water 1 28 sec "We have a watering crew every day … softball field.")

In his years in Kodiak, Fulp said summers like this don’t come along too often:

(Water 2 11 sec "This is pretty unusual … get weather like this.")

He said the football field at Baranof (b’ron-off) Park is getting special attention this summer because it has new grass, and the high school season opens in the middle of August with three consecutive home games. He said his crews are using a 300-foot hose to do the gridiron watering automatically:

(Water 3 27 sec "It will throw water out … to have that system.")

It turns out that it’s not just flower beds and football fields that enjoy a good watering on a hot summer day:

(Water 4 13 sec "Oh yeah, the kids like to … around and go back.")

The forecast is calling for rain starting Friday (this) evening, and continuing through the weekend.


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