With Contract Expired, Threshold Recycling Under Temporary Deal


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The company that has been providing recycling services in Kodiak for many years is currently operating without a contract, at least for the next month, after its most recent contract expired last week. However, Threshold Services will continue to provide its regular services until a newly negotiated contract is given final approval by the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

The borough and Threshold Services held negotiations on a new, one-year contract for the company to continue to provide recycling services last week, two days after Threshold’s contract expired on June 30th. The borough had previously put out a request for proposals, and Threshold was the only company to submit one. Threshold board president Chris Lynch spoke before negotiations took place on Wednesday.

(Lynch 1 15 sec. "We had no guarantee that … it’s not a money maker.")

Prior to the meeting with Borough Manager Rick Gifford, Lynch and Gifford agreed that negotiations would come down to the price the borough was willing to pay for recycling. After the meeting, Lynch described how the negotiations went.

(Lynch 2 40 sec. "I think we had a range … it’s a whole different animal.")

Lynch said the old contract stipulated 15 cents per pound of recycled material while the new contract sets a dollar amount the borough will pay per ton. She also said she was satisfied with the negotiated terms.

(Lynch 3 29 sec. "The RFP set a cap at … efficiency of our operation.")

She said improving services and efficiency included not only processing recycled materials faster, but finding a new executive director, who can help find alternative funding sources.

(Lynch 4 24 sec. "For maybe new … and employing more people.")

At Thursday’s regular assembly meeting, Gifford reported that the two sides had successfully negotiated the contract, which will be presented to the assembly at its next regular meeting. In the meantime, Threshold will continue to provide recycling services.

(Gifford 2 24 sec. "In anticipation of the … a decision one way or the other.")

Threshold reopened its collection points after the purchase order was issued by the borough, and will continue to operate normally for the next month. Lynch called it "putting a band aid on" the situation until the new contract can be approved. The next step in the process is Threshold’s presentation to the assembly at its work session Thursday evening. The assembly will then vote on whether to approve the contract at its next regular meeting on July 16th.

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