City Boat Yard Less Than a Month from First Lift


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The work on Kodiak’s new large boat travel lift and shipyard down at the far end of Saint Herman Harbor on Near Island is nearing completion. Reached yesterday on his cell phone from Dog Bay, Harbormaster Marty Owen said some major work was just wrapping up.

(Harbor 1 9 sec "Well, they’re just finishing … last major component.")

"Camel Logs" are floating logs that ride the waterline to protect a pier’s pilings from ships banging into them.

Owen said the process of installing all the components to accommodate the 660-ton boat lift has gone very well:

(Harbor 2 24 sec "We’ve had a great contractor … great combined effort.")

The city last month hired Bill Feda (feed-ah) as a consultant and travel lift operator. He’s been lifting vessels at Fuller’s Boat Yard for years with much smaller travel lifts. The city’s new travel lift will drive out over a ship on two parallel piers and sling straps under it with which to lift it out of the water and take it ashore, where it will be put up on blocks for maintenance. Owen said there are a few candidates to be the first boat lifted, which will happen in about three weeks:

(Harbor 3 17 sec "We’re getting closer to working … opening lift on the 22nd.")

The city’s new boat yard will be "open," meaning ship owners can hire whomever they please to work on their vessels. Owen said the travel lift is the largest on the west coast north of San Diego. He also said he’s looking for a good name for the giant machine.


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