KIBSD AYP Results Examined


Diana Gish/KMXT

When the Alaska State Department of Education released the AYP testing results recently, most of the news was good for the Kodiak Island School District. Every Kodiak elementary school met the standards set for AYP or Annual Yearly Progress.

Even though the percentage of Kodiak schools meeting the standards was high, the two schools that did not make AYP tend to stand out. That’s because the two that didn’t make AYP are Kodiak High School and Kodiak Middle School.

Marilyn Davidson is the director of instruction for the district.

(AYP 1 :24 "…majority of successes.")

So why didn’t the High School and Middle School make AYP and what does it say for the quality of instruction at the two schools?

(AYP 2 :49 "…falling thru the cracks.")

At a recent School Board special meeting the focus was not on last year’s testing results as much as the year that’s to come.

(AYP 3 :36 "…about what they’re doing.")

Last year a choice was made by the high school that had an impact on the overall testing results but it’s a choice that Davidson stands behind.

(AYP 4 1:04 "…needs of all students.")

With all of the attention focused on the high school and middle school its easy to overlook the news that all of the Kodiak elementary schools achieved their AYP. Davidson is celebrating those achievements, but her focus is on future progress.

(AYP 5 :54 "…until we reach all of them.")

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