Bumper Crop of Veggies at Work


Diana Gish/KMXT

You’ve seen the gardens and you may have heard of the program: "Veggies at Work" is on-going effort to get vegetable gardens to grow at local businesses and non-profits. The vegetables from the workplace gardens are grown, harvested and then donated locally. KMXT’s Diana Gish has an update on this summer’s crop.

Here at KMXT, the vegetables are plentiful and surprisingly abundant for such a small garden spot. The garden was planted by volunteer radio host Jim "Cowboy" Cobis who is also one of the creators of the "Veggies at Work" program.

(Veggies 1 :39 "That’s a variety name." )

Cowboy says that the "Veggies at Work" gardens have provided thousands of portions of fresh vegetables to the food bank. Not bad for a two-person homegrown project.

(Veggies 2 :31 "It’s a ….predictable in Kodiak.")

Experimentation is a part of gardening and a necessary part of any venture. But not all of the gardening experiments have worked out the way the "Veggies at Work" duo had hoped.

(Veggies 3 :47 "We’re ….drive them crazy.")

When Cowboy comes across something that does work he’s eager to share it with any Kodiak gardener or potential gardener who’s willing to listen.


So, while there are plenty of challenges to gardening on Kodiak, there is also plenty of success. And that’s the message that Cowboy is eager to share along with all of those vegetables.

(Veggies 5 :42 "Gardening….here’s a slug.")

I’m Diana Gish.

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