Fiery Council Debate Over Unionization Spending


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Kodiak City Council voted five-to-one Thursday night to spend nearly 40-thousand dollars giving the city’s point of view over a unionization initiative that will be on the October municipal election ballot. The money will be used to pay the public relations firm Bradley Reed and Associates to conduct a public information campaign.

Councilman Charlie Davidson, who cast the lone vote against the measure, was upset over the campaign expenditure, saying it might unduly sway voters.

(Union 1 41 sec "This is $40,000 … a biased opinion on this?")

In one of his exchanges with Davidson, Councilman Tom Walters said unionization could cost the city tens of thousands of dollars extra:

(Union 2 67 sec "You ask what the impact … that’s right, private money.")

Councilman Terry Haines explained why he supported the expenditure:

(Union 3 58 sec "The question is whether … you have to hire someone.")

As of yesterday afternoon, a copy of the contract was not available for public viewing. The municipal election will be held on Tuesday, October 6th, five weeks from today.


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