Glagolich Selected as Finalist


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A Kodiak High School teacher is one of the finalists for Alaska Teacher of the Year.

On Friday the State Department of Education and Early Development named Darcy Glagolich as one of four teachers in the running for the honor.

Bill Watkins is the principal of Kodiak High. He’s worked with Glagolich for nine years.

(Teacher 1 "Well, we’re very…fabulous job.")

The Alaska Teacher of the Year, and an alternate, will be chosen by a committee made up of members of leading educational associations, along with the current Teacher of the Year, Robert Williams of Colony High School.

Watkins went on to explain what it is about Glagolich that makes her exceptional.

(Teacher 2 "She goes well…to her kids.")

Among those that work with youth there is something known as "the power of five." It means that every young person needs at least five caring people in their lives to help them through the rough spots.

(Teacher 3 "and Darcy’s just…the help they need.")

In addition to her duties as instructor of culinary arts, Glagolich is also the sponsor of F-C-C-L-A which stands for: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. It’s a group that is very active outside school hours. The long time Kodiak teacher sounds like someone who never sleeps, which Watkins says might not be too far from the truth.

(Teacher 4 "She has what…all the next day.")

The Alaska Teacher of the Year selection committee will meet October 21st to consider written applications, a video of each teacher on the job, and an interview with each candidate.

The title winner will speak at education conferences and participate in education working groups across the state.

If Glagolich is selected as Alaska Teacher of the Year, she will also become a nominee for national teacher of the year.

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