Kodiak Museums Well Represented at Conference


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Representatives from Kodiak’s museums participated in a state-wide museum conference last week.

It was an eventful few days for Toby Sullivan of the Kodiak Maritime History Museum, Sven Haakansen of the Aluttiq Museum and Katie Oliver of Kodiak’s Baranov Museum. Eventful because they all three gave presentations at the event and because they were all delayed in Unalaska for a few days. Diana Gish has more.

Sven Haakansen,the executive director of the Alutiiq Museum, was preparing for a trip back to Russia when he took a few minutes to talk about his conference experience.

(Museum 1 "So we just…for the community.")

At the conference he gave a presentation on how to create museum displays. When the group’s return trip was delayed by the ferry, Haakansen made spontaneous presentations to groups around Unalaska.

(Museum 2 "I visited a church…brag about Kodiak.")

Katie Oliver, the director of the Baranov Museum shared her take on the event which was a joint gathering with the Alaska Historical Society.

(Museum 3 "Well there was…as a community.")

Oliver was the recipient of the President’s Award for her work with the State Historical Society.

The award is also known as the "Beaver Log Award" and is a light-hearted tribute to hard working volunteers. Oliver has served on the board for four years. She’s chaired several committees and currently serves as the society’s secretary and web master.

For Toby Sullivan, the director of the Kodiak Maritime History Museum, the trip to Unalaska was a homecoming of sorts. He was a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea from the 70s to the early 90s.

Sullivan shared some of Kodiak’s oral history with the other attendees of the conference.

(Museum 4 "It went over…actually lived it.")

Sullivan said he enjoyed returning to Unalaska and he especially enjoyed the Museum of the Aleutians in Dutch Harbor. The museum tells stories of the area’s rich history including the Aleut, the Russians, World War Two and commercial fishing.

(Museum 5 "They did it….was pretty cool.")

All three of the museum directors said they appreciated the networking and the exchange of ideas with other programs. The Baranov’s Oliver was proud that Kodiak made a good showing at the conference.

(Museum 6 "All three of the…that’s a great thing.")

For KMXT News, I’m Diana Gish.

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