Mayor, Council Candidates Tackle Union, Other Issues


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Both candidates for mayor, but only one candidate for city council, were in attendance at last night’s mayoral and city council forum presented by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

Incumbent councilmembers Gabriel Saravia and Josie Rosales are both running unopposed for re-election to three-year terms, and were not included in the forum. Council candidate John Whiddon was not in attendance, after getting weathered out of town. He is seeking election to the one-year term that Mike Woodruff is also running for.

Councilman Charlie Davidson is not seeking election to the seat he currently occupies on the council, but is instead running for mayor, against 16-year incumbent Carolyn Floyd. Davidson served 15 years on the council before declining to seek re-election two years ago. He was temporarily appointed to a vacancy on the council earlier this year.

There is a voter initiative on this year’s city ballot that, if approved, would clear the way for employees to explore unionization. All three candidates in attendance address the issue, starting with Woodruff, then Davidson and Floyd:

(Council 1 1:16 "I think people need to … it would go to the workers.")

They then addressed the council’s hard line with the state of Alaska regarding operation of the jail here. The city has made it clear it will close the current jail at the end of June:

(Council 2 1:31 "I think the whole purpose … the wrong approach.")

The trio then responded to the question of spending money for non-profits. First Floyd, followed by Woodruff and Davidson:

(Council 3 1:14 "Yes, the city has a … a pretty small amount.")

A caller asked where they would like to see a new library built:

(Council 4 1:21 "Sixteen different sites … the city and borough offices.")

None of the candidates had questions to ask each other. The municipal election is next Tuesday, October 6th.

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