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Diana Gish/KMXT

Local swimmers are eagerly awaiting the public opening of the new pool in Kodiak. So far, Its been pushed back a few times, but as KMXT’s Diana Gish reports, the grand opening date is now official.

For Kodiak swimmers, it can’t come soon enough. But there’s still a wait ahead before the new pool is open for public swimming. Thursday,October 8th is opening day for the much talked about facility.

Ken Smith is project manager for the borough. He talked about what’s left to be done before the public can dive in.

–(pool 1A"Well there are…are working on them.").

The new pool is owned by the borough, maintained by the school district and managed by the city.

Jarrod Nelson of the City Parks and Recreation Department will manage the new pool. Nelson managed Kodiak’s old pool and has managed the Coast Guard’s as well. He’s just as eager for the grand opening as the local swimmers.

–(pool 1"I’m totally….pool in the state.")

Nelson says that some of the admission details are still being worked out.

–(pool 2"We’re trying to….long term type plans.")

As far as scheduling goes, he’s eager to accommodate as many people as possible, including those early birds.

–(pool 3"My goal is to….come and use it.)

That was 5:30 A.M., by the way. That means that Nelson has to find lifeguards willing to come in even earlier.

–(pool 4"Yes, we have….most of the time.")

. The grand opening will be held at 6 p.m. on October 8 and will feature music, food, tours, prizes and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The first open swim at the new pool will take place that night from 7 to 9 p.m.

I’m Diana Gish.

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