Water Treatment Tops City’s Wish List; Jail Second


Jay Barrett/KMXT

$700,000 Already Received for Pedestrian Improvements on Shelikof

The Kodiak City Council approved its state construction project wish-list at its last meeting. Topping the list for the second year in a row is a request in the amount of 3.9-million dollars for an ultraviolet water treatment system. Number two on the list is 3-million dollars to finish the jail portion of the new police station.

Councilman Tom Walters asked City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski (Kenya-z’off-ski) why it wasn’t on top:

(CIP 1 52 sec "There was a question … even though it was number one.")

Kniaziowski (Kenya-z’off-ski) said this year’s list is very similar to last year’s, as only Phase Four of the Aleutian Homes water and sewer upgrade project was funded. It is being replaced on the list by Phase Three of the project, in the amount of 2-point-7-million dollars in the number four position.

Number three is a million dollar request for the emergency operations center in the police station. Number five is a request for 3-point-25-million dollars for a new library. That represents about a third of the projected cost for the facility. Improvements in the amount of 3-point-25-million dollars to Baranof Park rounds out the list. The improvements would replace the track and football field with artificial surfaces, among other improvements. Total cost is expected to be 7-million dollars.

The city has already received 700-thousand dollars from the state’s cruise ship head tax, and will use the money to improve pedestrian access from Pier Two, where cruise ships dock, and downtown. Councilman Terry Haines said he hoped public input can be incorporated into its design.

(CIP 2 34 sec "I just wanted to point out … might entail some stairways.")

Councilman Charlie Davidson said the current situation along Shelikof Street, where large trucks, forklifts and traffic mingle with pedestrians along the row of canneries, is an accident waiting to happen:

(CIP 3 26 sec "I’ve worked at the port here … there’s a lot of moon here.")

The sidewalk would be five-feet wide, 3-thousand feet long, and built to be compatible with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.


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