Writer Laureat Advocates for New Kodiak Library


Diana Gish/KMXT

On Friday the Writer Laureate of Alaska was in Kodiak for a visit. Nancy Lord gave readings and signed books during her stay. She also appeared on KMXT’s Friday Morning Show with Mike Murray. Lord talked about her love of libraries which took hold at an early age.

Also appearing with Lord was Patty Holm of the Kodiak Public Library Association. Holm said that the association is trying to get as much public input as possible in the planning phase of the new library. One of the biggest issues to decide is where the library will be located.

(Library 2 :38 "If you want…anyone on the board.")

She went on to explain that one of the goals for the new library is to make the services that they already offer, better.

(Library 3 :30 "Use the….and broader community.")

Although the site for a new library hasn’t been chosen there have been steps taken in that direction.

(Library 4 :30 "We’re going…..the Sept. 22nd Meeting.")

Lord played a part in the building of Homer’s new library.

(Library 5 :51 "And they’re ….quiet anymore either.")

That was Alaska’s Writer Laureate Nancy Lord speaking along with Patty Holm of the Kodiak Public Library Association.


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