Council Approves Capital Improvement List


Diana Gish/KMXT

At the last week’s regular meeting of the Kodiak City Council, council members approved a priority list for federally funded capital improvement projects.

KMXT’s Diana Gish has more:

The top project is for improvements to the wastewater and drinking water infrastructures for which the city is requesting 750,000 dollars. The total cost of the drinking water project is estimated at over eight million dollars. The City has already secured four million in funding to date.

The second item on the funding request list is 500,000 dollars towards the cost of a heavy lift dock in the Kodiak boat yard. The total estimated cost of construction is 8 point 5 million dollars, an amount that exceeds the city’s available funds. This funding request is part of a plan to secure local, state and federal funds in order to proceed with construction of the sheet pile dock.

The city’s third and most expensive request for federal funds is for rubble removal from Saint Paul Harbor. One and a half million dollars is being requested for dredging at the entrance of the harbor. The purpose of the dredging is to remove the rocky formation that creates a barrier to navigation for larger vessels.

Before voting on the resolution to approve these requests the council heard an explanation about the list from City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski.

(City CIP 1 "Our federal lobbyist … of Brad Gilman")

The request to down-size expectations and funding didn’t sit well with some of the council members, including councilman Terry Haines.

(City CIP 2 "It just seems … be more loud?")

Councilman Tom Walters said that this is actually a good time to request money considering the types of projects Kodiak is pursuing.

(City CIP 3 "Well, I understand … types of grants.")

Outgoing councilmember Charlie Davidson suggested that the City’s lobbyist might be working on the wrong side of the aisle.

(City CIP 4 "Yeah, I just …the apple pie.")

In spite of those reservations, the council unanimously adopted the federal funding request list as it was proposed.

I’m Diana Gish.

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