KEA Storm Damage Under Assessment


Diana Gish/KMXT

Road damage brought on by the October 9th storm has affected access to a KEA power plant. Darren Scott is the president and CEO of Kodiak Electric Association. He talked about storm damage near the Terror Lake hydroelectric facility.

(KEA Damage 1 "The plant itself … of the damage.")

There is some damage to the footing of a transmission tower caused by a nearby swollen creek. Scott said that that problem is small compared to the road damage. Another problem KEA faces; how to pay the bill.

Something Scott wishes he had an answer for.

(KEA Damage 2 "We’re working on … take to fix.")

With funding uncertain, it is possible that customers will feel the impact of the costs.

(KEA Damage 3 "You know being … sharing it together.")

Scott said that assessment of the damage and cost estimates will be completed this week. He emphasized that the Terror Lake plant itself was not damaged.

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