Reckless Gun Use Is Cause of Concern



Trees are damaged and debris litter the ground where shooters illegally target practice. Pam Forman photo

Diana Gish/KMXT

Illegal and reckless shooting is a growing problem on the island. It was enough to draw a room full of concerned individuals to a recent Kodiak Island Borough Parks and Recreation Committee meeting. Assemblyman Dave Kaplan serves on the committee and brought the issue up at a recent assembly meeting.

(Shooting 1 "It was a … to a head.")

Kaplan says he want’s the borough to work with the parks and recreation committee to come up with solutions to the problem.

Stacey Studebaker has belonged to Kodiak’s Audubon society for 28 years. She says that this summer she’s heard reports and seen evidence of random shooting along Kodiak hiking trails.

(Shooting 2 "Other hikers reported … couple of years.")

John Miller’s concerns about reckless shooting prompted him to contact the parks and recreation department. Miller lives in Chiniak.

(Shooting 3 "and on the weekends … the people are.")

He says he hopes the community will take a pro-active approach to solving the problem. He believes that an education campaign is one step in the right direction.

Miller thinks that when it comes to safe shooting opportunities and learning proper gun handling, Kodiak is rich in opportunities. He hopes to see young people steered in the direction of those resources before a tragedy occurs.

(Shooting 4 "There are a lot …aren’t compatible.")

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