Assembly Hears Gravel Concerns


Diana Gish/KMXT

Questions about gravel were raised at Thursday’s regular meeting of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, two people addressed the borough’s upcoming lease with for getting more gravel from the pit in Women’s Bay.

One of the questions raised, regarded a reclamation plan for the gravel pit; if there is one in place as required by law and how it will be paid for. A comment was made about the need to look for gravel in a different location than the current site in Bell’s Flats.

On Friday, Community Development Director Bud Cassidy responded to some of the concerns.

(Gravel 1 "The current lease … development.")

A suggestion was made that the assembly review and renew the gravel contract annually. Currently the plan is to enter into a ten year lease with Brechen Enterprises.

Cassidy said steps are now underway in preparation of signing that lease.

(Gravel 2 "and what we’re … and the spring.")

Concerns about the environmental impact of continued gravel extraction were also raised Thursday night, especially if the dredging operation turns into a mining operation in the future. Cassidy said that the quality of gravel found at the site is hard to come by.

(Gravel 3 "I think we’ve … asphalt too.")

Terms of the lease will need to be negotiated and approved before the assembly signs it. There will be public hearings held as part of the process.

Mayor Jerome Selby told those present at the assembly meeting that all of the questions that were raised would get answered.

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