Assembly Rejects Wooten for Architectural Review Board


Diana Gish/KMXT

What started out as a somewhat routine mayoral appointment became an issue at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly’s special meeting.

Mayor Jerome Selby selected two people to serve on the borough’s Architectural Review Board. Those selections were to be approved by the assembly Tuesday night.

The two people selected were Cliff Ford and Norm Wooten. Instead of approving the mayor’s appointments some of the assembly members that were present urged the selection of out-going A-R-B board chairman Scott Arndt instead of Wooten. After discussion, the appointment slate was divided so that the two selections could be voted on separately.

Selby explained why he wanted Wooten, the school board president, to serve on the Architectural Review board instead of re-appointing Arndt.

(KIB Special 1 :59 "I thought it … new high school." )

The assembly voted to approve Cliff Ford’s appointment to the Architectural Review Board and said no to Wooten’s appointment.

Selby said that without Wooten on the A-R-B, he’s concerned about keeping close communication with the board of education.

(KIB Special 2 :21 "Well I am.. figure out that.")

During discussion of the appointments, assembly members Dave Kaplan and Jerrol Friend expressed their view that Arndt be re-appointed to the advisory board for another three years.

In closing comments Friend further explained why he supported Arndt.

(KIB Special 2A :19 "I do think …this project also.")

Selby said he understood their position and appreciated Arndt’s service on the board.

(KIB Special 3 :47 "It certainly wasn’t …put on there.")

The mayor will now need to re-visit the appointment procedure in order for the assembly to vote again. By assembly rules Wooten cannot be considered again for the position until another year has passed.


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