Council Bites Change Order Bullet to Preserve ‘Relationships with Local Contractors’


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Last night, the Kodiak City Council went ahead and approved a change order for the Aleutian Homes Water and Sewer project – a motion that was held over from the early November council meeting after council members had balked at the costs.

City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski explains:

(Council 1 49 sec "The surveyor later … relationships with local contractors.")

Councilman John Whiddon, like the three other councilmembers in attendance last night, went ahead and ultimately voted to pay the change order, but it was obvious that it did not sit well with him:

(Council 2 36 sec "You know there’s an old adage … work you put into this.")

The council then went ahead and approved two more change orders on other city projects. It approved the sixth change order to the police station and jail, for nearly 67,000 dollars. The change orders so far amount to over 300,000 dollars on the project. The council then approved the third change order on the Saint Herman Harbor Boat Lift Facility for about 130,000 dollars.

The council was then presented with voting on a bid award to plan the sidewalk from Pier Two into downtown, to Dowl H-K-M. Once again Whiddon was taken aback by the cost:

(Council 3 55 sec "224,972-dollar to do planning … uncomfortable number.")

Councilman Tom Walters, who nodded into agreement as Whiddon was speaking, also was not comfortable with the cost:

(Council 4 24 sec "It’s always interesting to me … projects like this.")

The council voted unanimously to award the grant to Dowl, and then authorized two other purchases – one to buy a "Law Enforcement Simulator," and one for furniture and fixtures at the new police station.

In other council news, Terry Haines, who was absent from the meeting, was elected by his peers as the new deputy mayor, and will be responsible for chairing the meetings during the next year if whenever Mayor Carolyn Floyd is out of town.


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