Harbormaster Touts Boat Lift Opportunities


Diana Gish/KMXT

There is considerable talk these days about the economic downturn, debt and joblessness. But at Monday’s Chamber of Commerce gathering in Kodiak, there was a more optimistic kind of message that was served up along with lunch.

Harbormaster Marty Owen was the featured speaker at the chamber’s member luncheon. He gave a presentation about Kodiak’s new large boat lift. Owen showed pictures of the boat lift as he shared its story with the group that was gathered at the Kodiak Inn.

(Boatlift 1 "Now this boat … we already have.")

The Kodiak boat lift is part of what’s called an "open yard." Once boat owners contract to have their boat lifted, they can hire whomever they want to service their boats. That differs from a "closed yard" where boat owners are obligated to pay for services from the boat yard owners.

As he showed pictures of boats that have used the lift, Owen talked about what he sees as opportunities for local businesses.

(Boatlift 2 "This is actually … on my list.")

And to be on that "list" a vendor needs to pay an annual fee of 300 dollars, be insured, have a business license and collect sales tax.

To emphasize the economic possibilities Owen showed pictures of a businessman who recently moved to Kodiak.

(Boatlift 3 "This gentleman here … do some work.")

And for more about the new boatlift be sure to listen tomorrow for the second part of this story.

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