Kodiak Lawmakers Ready for Juneau


Diana Gish/KMXT

Kodiak’s Senator Gary Stevens and Representative Alan Austerman are home for the holidays, but soon they’ll head to Juneau for the start of a new legislative session.

KMXT’s Diana Gish has more:

When Kodiak’s two state lawmakers head back to the Capitol next month, the governor’s budget will be forefront on their minds. Senator Gary Stevens says he’s ready to tackle the challenge.

(Legislators 1 "He has though … you know .")

Representative Alan Austerman serves on the finance committee

(Legislators 2 "So that’s top … it over time.")

Related to the budget is another issue that’s front and center for the representative: how to grow Alaska’s economy.

(Legislators 3 "One of the …economic development.")

Stevens, who is the senate president, says that, for now, Alaska’s finances are in good shape.

(Legislators 4 "Right now we’re … as citizens.")

When he speaks with his constituents, Stevens says there’s one topic that he hears about more than others.

(Legislators 5 "I think the big concern … the gold mine.")

He says he hears from people on both sides of the issue who feel very strongly about the mine. The Republican senator went on to say that state lawmakers have a long way to go before a decision is made about the Pebble Mine

When it comes to decisions on less divisive topics, Stevens puts his faith in the senate’s bi-partisan organization. He said the group is working towards finding answers to issues in "that vast middle area."

(Legislators 6 "I think you’ll …majority decision.")

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