LeDoux Denied District 19 Canidacy – For Now


Diana Gish/KMXT

In July,former Kodiak State House Representative Gabrielle LeDoux announcer herintention to seek a return to state office next year as a representative ofHouse District 19, the Muldoon area of Northeast Anchorage.

Now, theState Division of Elections has denied LeDoux’s candidacy… at least for the timebeing.

TheDirector of the State Division of Elections is Gail Fenumiai (fuh-NEW-mee-eye)who explained the decision.

(LeDoux 1 :55 "Miss LeDoux … could re-file.")

LeDoux responded to the Division of Elections’ decision to deny hercandidacy by saying that it’s no big deal.

(LeDoux 2 :15 "Nope I can file … in atea pot.")

The situation doesn’t sit well withAlaskaDemocratic party chairwoman Patti Higgins who referred to LeDoux as a"carpetbagger." Today (Wednesday) Higgins released a statement praising thedivision of elections for their decision. At that time she was unaware thatLeDoux could file again before the June First deadline.

(LeDoux 3 :57 "Well,that’s confusing … a lot of nerve.")

Saying that Higgins’commentswere just "politics," LeDoux shotback some comments of her own regarding the current District 19 representative.

(LeDoux 4 :39 "My response is … got that problem.")

LeDoux said she feels at home inMuldoon because the diverse population there reminds her of Kodiak. She saidshe’s walked four of the seven precincts getting to know the people there. Shesaid her focus as a representative would be "pro-business."

When asked if she would considerreturning to Kodiak if she loses the Anchoragerace, the former representative said she’s not thinking about losing and thatshe’s "in it to win."


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