Looking for Mr. Fur Face


Jay Barrett/KMXT

In a chilly, damp and windy location like Kodiak, facial hair is far more common than elsewhere, even the icy arctic. But nobody from the island has ever won the "Mr. Fur Face" state championships, sponsored by the Lions Club and held each year during Anchorage’s Fur Rendezvous. Chrystal White, the secretary of the Miners and Trappers Ball which puts on the competition was in town last week trying to change that, and encourage Kodiak men to think about competing.

(Beard 1 17 sec "We have not had … step up here in Kodiak.")

She said about 300 people compete in the annual event. Judi Kidder of Kodiak was one of the judges at last winter’s Mister Fur Face, AND the World Beard and Mustache Championships, which were held in Anchorage for the first time earlier this year.

(Beard 2 45 sec "It was a riot … Mister Fur Face Contest.")

Active in the local Lions Club, Kidder was set to organize a beard and mustache competition here last winter, but it was too short of notice to get all the details in place. This year though, there’s over two months to get it organized:

(Beard 3 33 sec "So we have a format ready … Miners and Trappers Ball.")

The "Alaskan Whaler" beard resembles Captain Ahab’s in the movie "Moby Dick," with a full beard but no mustache.

White says the Mister Fur Face competition this winter will be on March 6th, right on the cusp between Anchorage’s two big winter activities:

(Beard 4 24 sec "We are on the 60th anniversary … a lot of entertainment.")

Stay tuned to KMXT for announcements about the dates and times of a Kodiak Beard and Mustache contest.


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