Peterson Places 2nd at World Series of Team Roping


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Years of practice in Bells Flats and Pasagshak paid off in Las Vegas over the weekend for Kodiak’s Malachi Peterson, when he placed second at the World Series of Team Roping.

(Malachi 1 21 sec "I did good with one … work’s just a hobby now.")

The partner he won second with was Steve Smith of Nevada, who he had only roped with once before. He placed 36th on Wednesday with roping partner Ron Garcia, which was three spots out of the money.

Peterson said he approached the big-money event by trying to put the crowds, the lights, and the money out of his mind:

(Malachi 2 30 sec "I just kind of got my mind set … happen out what can’t.")

Peterson said pretty much his whole family was in attendance to watch him:

(Malachi 3 8 sec "Yeah my parents were … a big crowd from Kodiak.")

Though there’s only one World Series of Team Roping a year, he said he’ll be heading out to compete in a smaller event soon:

(Malachi 4 13 sec "Like this weekend … like 70,000 or anything.")

Peterson is back in San Luis Obispo, California, where he goes to Cuesta (quest-tah) College. He said outside of school he works and rides whenever he gets the chance.


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