Gubernatorial Debate Moved


Jay Barrett/KMXT

This election year Alaskans will go to the polls to elect a governor. Traditionally, the very first debate among gubernatorial candidates is held during Com Fish in Kodiak, and exclusively deals with fisheries issues.

However, since the last time a gubernatorial election was held, the state legislature was mandated by the people to conduct its business in 90 days, and now, the end of session coincides with Com Fish.

(Goobers 1 4 seconds "So unfortunately, the timing is just off this year.")

That’s Deb King, Executive Director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the debate:

(Goobers 2 27 sec "In the past we’ve had 100 percent … walk in the parade.")

The forum is restricted to issues directly affecting fisheries. King said there is talk of changing the format to make it more of a debate:

(Goobers 3 33 sec "We feel that’s a very, very vital … asked of each other.")

She says all other elements of the event will remain unchanged:

(Goobers 4 15 sec "Everything else is just … great addition to Crab Fest.")

KMXT will broadcast the debate live, and will provide it to other Alaska Public Radio Network stations to rebroadcast. Once again that date for the gubernatorial debate will be Friday, May 28th, during Crab Fest.


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